0.10.0g Patch Notes

*Players are no longer attackable by monsters when changing areas*

Still died while loading when exiting from catacombs to marketplace. Many times. Even if I didn't, many times there will be lots of monster already around me, and once I was surrounded by so many monsters that I cannot move and die eventually.
Cheers for the BIG work, enjoying the game so far, many thanks !
Thank you for the potion fix. Since that fix I can now rely on my pots working 100% of the time, awesome!
just died to ZONING in with a teleport .... i made a thread here >

Did you break something with this patch?
I have been unable to connect to the patch server since this patch
Can we bind what we want yet?
Thank you GGG for your hard work! After G patch, no disconnections so far :)
Thoian wrote:
Thank you GGG for your hard work! After G patch, no disconnections so far :)

Couldn't have said it better
It has probably been mentioned a couple of times already, but

"The microtransaction store has been updated with a range of cosmetic Scorpion Pets and Valentine's Heart - a weapon effect that impales a bleeding, beating heart on your sword, dagger or wand. This heart is only available for sale until February 15. These can be viewed in the "Newly Added" section of the shop on pathofexile.com."

It reads "..until JANUARY 15. ..." in my patch-screen. As well as that of a friend...
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