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Chris wrote:
Almost all skills have dropped in mana cost.

Will there be as many mana nodes in the tree as there are now or are some being removed to compensate?
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Everything sounds excellent! *thumbs up*
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AbyssGFX wrote:
Anyone else read this is Chris' voice?

permanently ;)
and he's the only kiwi i can understand more than 90% of what he says.
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Please dont nerf spectral throw for the love of God
Sounds great!
/Faith Restored

Thanks GGG.

Tho, being limited in Masters makes me a little wary.
1st: You should not allow these one-comment no-content responses that people use to build their total number of interactions and allow other people like myself to actually read something useful without wading through pages and pages of useless posts.

2nd: How are you going to deal with the drop problem? The Atziri corrupted areas and crates destroy the relationship between drop, area levels, character levels and experience points. It seems to me that this will do even more damage to that delicate relationship. I.E. A maximum character level <= 2 levels below area level. The effective result being that an optimal character should avoid all corrupted areas and crates until he/she finishes the normal game. The corrupted areas being easier to avoid as, in general, you need to be 10-15 levels higher than the posted area level unless you pick some canned-posted build, which in my opinion, destroys my fun in playing your game.
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To allow the highest of players to modify the sockets on corrupted items.

would it be possible to add sockets and links or it's only about colors?

I'm dreaming to get 6L +1 voll's protector but no way I would corrupt 20 of them to get that mod.
Playing with 70-80ms ping, which is causing long loading between zones,
resulting in 2-4 minutes disadvantage in 1 hour races.
(I was wrong, it wasn't a ping issue but something else on GGG side)
so if u max out your hideout you can have 4 masters maximum wat about the other 3? do we switch between them ? or is there some other plan?

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