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oh man i feeel so good about this
"a level 60+ item" doesn't sound like a good reward for getting level 7 with a master, doesn't the vendor in act 3 already sell those? If not, getting ilvl 60+ white items is ridiculously easy anyway....

As for unique, what does "good" mean, is there an incredibly small chance of getting a Kaom's? Or is it limited to T2 items at best?

Also, what about the other 3 masters crafting/vendor stuff, if they aren't in your hideout how can you use their services?
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Query on 6-linking: you just pay 1500 fusings and get a 6-link?

Just an idle thought, couldn't you require 2000 fusings and then refund a random quantity of them? So if you're lucky you have 2000 fusings and get refunded 700, if you're unlucky you get refunded 200. That maintains the RNG aspect of "how many fusings do I need to 6-link" while removing the "will I ever actually get a 6-link".
Thanks for the long explanation! Love seeing you post your thought process behind the upcoming changes.
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Wait, what? Reliable 6-linking?

What will you do with the extra 6-links we'll see from now on? And the power creep?

Not that I care if the game becomes easier, but I want to know what are your intentions.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaat's surprising.

PS And what about 5-linking?
Add a Forsaken Masters questline
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Chris wrote:
The Shadow area now has a physical and an elemental section (rather than melee vs. spellcaster)
Confirmation that the nodes at the start of the shadow area that suspiciously look like the melee phys nodes currently in the ranger start are in fact just newly colored generic increased physical damage? If thats the case its a nice change imo.
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Thanks for the extensive explanations. This expansion looks really really awesome!

Question: Once you've chosen a hideout- is there a chance to change your mind later and pick another one? Can we defer choosing until we've seen all the hideouts offered? Are there specific bonuses/benefits applicable depending on which hideout we choose?

This sounds so amazing! I was already psyched for 1.2 with the earlier info, but this clears up all of my concerns while adding delicious new tidbits to tease us. <3
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