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I like the mana cost reduction across the board.
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I don't mind the 30 exalts price for 6 linked. At least I don't have to go through the emotional roller coaster of trying to get 6 linked with RNG. GJ GGG I <3 You guy.
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Beautiful !
To grind or not to grind, that's the question.
This article told me more than the initial release info.

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Dreggon wrote:
Query on 6-linking: you just pay 1500 fusings and get a 6-link?

Just an idle thought, couldn't you require 2000 fusings and then refund a random quantity of them? So if you're lucky you have 2000 fusings and get refunded 700, if you're unlucky you get refunded 200. That maintains the RNG aspect of "how many fusings do I need to 6-link" while removing the "will I ever actually get a 6-link".

I don't like the idea of return fusing. It might causes some backlash between players b\c someone might get 200 and another person gets like 700 back. They make this crafting to ease the RNG, not create the unnecessary new one. :D
can we modify WHITE SOCKET in BENCH?
Chris wrote:

  • Level 8: A chance of a unique item (generally a common one, but very occasionally a good one).

Nice. Thanks for the write-up. I'd change the wording of the quoted part. It's not as if common uniques were not good, is it? How about replacing good with rare.

Anyway, can't wait for the expansion.
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Also, what about the other 3 masters crafting/vendor stuff, if they aren't in your hideout how can you use their services?

Good question.
plz chris.. bring back some totem love!!!
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Chris wrote:

As you level your Master up, you're able to upgrade the size of your Hideout. There are three sizes and they each support a different number of Masters (ranging from 2 to 4).

So there is no chance we can have 7 masters in one Hideout for an ultimate crafting benefit?
To grind or not to grind, that's the question.

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