Content Update 1.1.5 Compiled Info

Content Update 1.1.5 is due for deployment in the first week of July. Note that these are not the full patch notes. We'll be substantially updating this post over time as new information is announced in the news.

New Skill:

New Support Gem:
  • Spell Echo

New Vaal Skills:
  • Vaal Lightning Trap
  • Vaal Righteous Fire

New Cosmetic Microtransactions:
  • There are currently eight planned microtransactions, but this list may change.
  • Black Hole Portal Effect
  • Ghostflame Skull Helmet Effect
  • Ghostflame Weapon Effect
  • Ghostflame Footprints

Other Improvements:
  • 3D art for season eight race rewards and their base uniques. Also other 3D art. Here's an example.
  • Two achievements

As we approach 1.1.5's deployment, we'll update this thread with more confirmed information.
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holy crap awesome! Thanks for the info!

3d art for the season rewards already? TIME TO RACE!
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Good stuff.
new skill hype, please be cool
Saffels frame 3d art hype
Echo Please. Self Spell casters need a buff.
IGN: lVlage (96 Witch)
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cool thanks
need more info!
Skill: ball lightning.
Support: echo.

More info!
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