Content Update 1.1.5 Compiled Info

Chris wrote:
3D art for season eight race rewards and their base uniques.

Why you lie Chris?

has no 3D Art... :'(

Edit: For that matter, Saffell's is the ONLY one that got 3D Art at all... Three Dragons, Pillar, also got "shafted"...

What gives GGG, I was really looking forward to 3Dragons skin as well... -.-
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Banev wrote:
Meh ... Not a single word about technical or gameplay improvements. Lame.

You're going to have to wait for August 1.2.0.

1.2.0 contains heaps of good stuff, including "trails" (more efficient special effects), text rendering efficiency improvements, and some pretty amazing fishing tweaks.
Atonix wrote:
Will there be a Passive Skill reset?

At 1.2.0 there will be (August.)
Locking this thread because the content update is out now.
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