Race Season Eight - Signature Race (Locked June 16)

This is great news for casual racers who are just trying to get points.
DC is the easiest race to point up in, and now there will be plenty of them.
As someone who loves D:C, what I really miss is actually a longer race with focus on crafting (fixed currency drops), since I feel D:C makes it very rushed, and I end up with exalts and mirror in my inventory at the end more often than not.

D:C obviously can't be longer though... but a new type of race that would take something like Endless Ledge, and throw in currency chests like Descent or D:C would be cool, especially if they are like 90-120 minutes or something.
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Qarl wrote:
With the purpose of letting racers show off their skill, Signature races achieved their goal admirably, and have been hotly contested. As the seasons progressed we have tended towards reducing the variance of their randomness, and have reduced the frills so that they're generally just the core game. While the fixed seed races allowed players to practice and hone their skills, it failed to capture the long-term interest of some of our players.

I'm a very bad racer but i really like racing.
I'm among those who ended being bored by fixed seed. In season six that was ok but in season 7 i almost didn't play any fixed races.
While i agree with "we have tended towards reducing the variance of their randomness" and fixed seed is good for that, playing the same layout the whole season is boring in my opinion.
For me, a good way to reduce randomness and not being boring would be a fixed seed with a different layout each time.

That being said, i like Descent: Champions, they are fun so i will race.
But i have a request. Let us practice, please. Good racers have already reached the end and so they already know what is the best strategy for them. But as an example, the furthest i went in a D: C race was Stormy Ledge (if i remember well) and only once. For "normal" races, we can play in a league to practice and try various strategies. Unfortunately, it's not possible with Descent races.
I loved Descent Champions in the last season.
Tried to enter in every DC race I could.
Was a lot of fun.
some of the changes are really awesome like

Qarl wrote:
The changes we are making the Descent: Champions levels are as follows:
  • The Entrance Hall, The Chattering Halls, The Croaking Halls and The Rasping Halls have had dead-ends trimmed off.
  • The entrance to the Freezing Chamber is now in the centre of The Rasping Halls.
  • The entrance to The Obelisks of Faith is now in the centre of The Haunted Dungeon.
  • The entrance to The Burning Cave is now in the centre of The Chamber of Greed.
  • Tight passages have been removed from The Misty Cave and The Frozen Cave.
  • Removed the Vaal Vessels from the Chamber of Greed.

We have focused these changes on reducing the variance. The dead ends in the early areas caused great variation based on luck. Moving side area entrances makes the choices between these routes more equitable

Those dead ends always meant wasted time :C
Also searching for Freezing Chambers wasn't always that funny. So great that those extra area entrances are now in the centre.

But when I red, that the race is going to be <1hour ....
I always thought that 1 hour was a perfect amount of time.

love the changes fucking awesome Poe best game !
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DC and EL have always been my favorite races. I am glad to see DC chosen as the sig race. The addition of a claw to the starting chests is very long overdue. Thank you.

Reworking things for the Templar and Shadow are much needed. Especially the Shadow. The issues with the Shadow extend beyond racing.

Many, like myself, will intentionally race as a Templar, Shadow, and in select races the Duelist simply because of how few play the classes. This makes hitting the upper ranks much easier with less competition. While it will hurt my own point pool, I am happy the changes are finally being made.
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I'm a huge fan of the fixed races because A) It removes a ton of random making skill more important, and B) I can practice them. It sounds like the changes to D:C address A), which is great, but not being able to practice them means I'm going to spend the first half of the season "practicing" in live races, which sucks. I don't have a strategy formed out for D:C and I've never challenged for first place (which I have several times in the fixed/normal races). That said, this season will definitely help me hone my D:C strategy and skills.

I love the time change, the less time I have to invest, the more likely I am to race. I've gotten far better at racing this past season (not really practicing, just actually pushing myself instead of grabbing easy point tiers and quitting, which I mostly did because 2+ hours != fun).

Hopefully the rewards are more power driven in season 8, I'm not a big fan of skins, I'd much rather have something useful than a pretty skin that will never be used. You can go ahead and give us the Garena point tiers, as well. Let working guys like me have a shot at the top prize without completely sacrificing sleep and family. Of course the no-lifers would hate having more of those prizes around, since they can earn them by brute forcing the points needed.
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TheuberClips wrote:
I heard "Descent Champions" is the signature and I cringed... then I saw the changes. Good job, though I agree with Rithz - I think Storm Call for shadow would be nice too.

People will always find something to complain about.

Good job GGG on the changes.

its called giving feedback. cant see your problem here.
As a filthy casual who gets bored by vanilla fixed seed, I'm pleased to hear this. The shorter length, while not ideal from a competitive standpoint, does also make it more appealing to filthy casuals (don't know about you guys, but 85 minutes is a fucking brick of time, I'd rather spend 45 of those minutes reading a book or something).

I suspect that races were starting to stagnate, i.e. not much new blood, and the same people winning top slots all the time. These changes seem like a great way to lure filthy casuals into becoming actual racers, as well as do some "testing". I suspect the next season will have a markedly more competitive signature race.

Also, glacial cascade + that claw sounds like a dream, I think people might be underestimating the value of a Cybil's paw that cuts mana costs and provides hatred, particularly with Glacial Cascade (dem' multi-hits). I'll be rolling shadow all day e'ry day.
TheuberClips wrote:
I heard "Descent Champions" is the signature and I cringed... then I saw the changes. Good job, though I agree with Rithz - I think Storm Call for shadow would be nice too.

People will always find something to complain about.

Good job GGG on the changes.

These are seasoned veterans in racing who frankly have all the right to give feedback because not only have they proven themselves, they live and breathe racing. Its THEIR portion of the game just as standard is for those who don't want to lose everything on death.

And as for Flameblast..it needs to be addressed in the early levels. Its almost on par with Spectral Throw and ST certainly didn't help increase build diversity. If you intend to introduce it for the Templar, you absolutely need to cut down the damage it does early on.

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