Race Season Eight - Signature Race (Locked June 16)

curious to see how things are going to turn out with all these changes
TheuberClips wrote:
I heard "Descent Champions" is the signature and I cringed... then I saw the changes. Good job, though I agree with Rithz - I think Storm Call for shadow would be nice too.

People will always find something to complain about.

Good job GGG on the changes.
I've just started racing this season, and am I glad the dead ends have been addressed. Flip I used to run around looking for the exit to an area most the times.

As for shortening the race???? Not a good move for those of us just starting or for other new racers as myself. I find the 1 hour to short already.

I like the changes been made to the balancing of character's as I always though some of the classes had an advantage over others.

As for shadow getting glacial cascade I'm all for that, as not every class can have the same skills like darn "Flame Blast"

Well done GGG as I'm really starting to enjoy the races even though I don't really get anywhere, its still a challenge and rush for me. Just wish I could play as good as others ;-)
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I don´t race very often, and am a terrible racer.. but when I did, it were mostly D:C races.. so I like the fact that there will be more next season... I might go for the 4th price this time *g*
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I was looking forward to returning to racing as the fixed seed signatures are ending. I really dislike fixed seed as a signature because it just gets too repetitive for my taste. I am also not really a fan of D:C as a competitive race, but with these changes and shortening of the time, it could become tolerable hopefully.
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I'm not a great racer, but I have been improving. Having said that, I can't stand the gimmicky races (Descent, Descent Champions, Endless Ledge, ad nauseum). Guess I need to start watching some of the better racers' how-to vids (if I can find them) so I can do better at the races I do wind up running.
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RIP racing. The choice of ONE OF THE MOST NON-COMPETITIVE RACE as the SIGNATURE proves that you have no idea what are you doing and never read feedback. If you don't change the DENSITY RNG which becomes more and more important with zone level rising, this will be the worst signature race ever made. No skill required, any one can set the record, only density matters for casters, density + weapon rng for melee.
Dreggon wrote:
Is Witch still bad in Descent-type races? I did one Descent race with a witch and it was awful.
Witch is the most overpowered and easy to play hero in descent and descent:champions. No weapon required, much less gear rng required, insane Flameblast damage that you start do after you get lvl 10 allows you to do insane things. With new changes templar will be slightly weaker version of witch. Shadow with this glacial dumpster is still in the dumpster.

Judging from the fact that if when I don't rush I enter halls at 22-25 minute every time, this race should be about 30 min long.
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wrong decision, descend champions is the most unbalanced and haves the worst desync and lag problems

If you really want to do this right you should first reach a professional level of fairness

right now the blue pack sizes are the most important factor to determine the winner, and don't depend of the player skills at all

not to speak of in this game the best builds are usually totally dull
Seriously bad choice for a signature race. It's not as boring and repetitive as fixed seed, but it's one of the least strategic races out of the lot. Just run for inner halls and pray to RNGesus you get more packs of blue monsters than anyone else does. The fact that this became a competitive event is a joke and making it a signature race is the punchline.

That said, I support the changes being made to it except the reduction in time. Less variation in an RNG-based race is always a good thing, but making it shorter is not.
Please, less classic quest races and more stuff like Champions & Ledge. By now classic races have become stale as hell...
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