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Lichalfred wrote:

The problem as I see it now is that the high-end economy gets more and more RMT. Prices like 50+ exalts are common, while mid-term items get very cheap. It means that new and returned players have barely any way to get to really good items. The crafting system is even worse because crafting a decent items requires orbs worth of 300 exalts on average. Everything else is much cheaper to buy rather than craft. Unless one has those 100 eternals and 200 exalts (not to mention a mountain of fuses and alterations) crafting is risky and demotivating. With current droprate a regular player gets an exalt once in two weeks and an eternal once in two month,

That may be true, but the high end economy is like you said high end. Id be happy to find a few 5 or 6 linked items, average items. As for those exalted drop rates - try once every 3 or 4 months.

Lichalfred wrote:

Especially with vaal orb introduction the YOLO items got even more YOLO. For example I play poison arrow build and wont to get a +1 all skills vaal property in a bow. This means I get +3 bow, 5 or 6-link it and get a SINGLE chance of getting this rare mod (which is few percent probability). If it fails I have to get a new bow and repeat. I owe two and can buy maximum 10 more (according to in standard league. The sole cost of buying and linking those is in 100 exalted range. Then I apply vaal orbs and the chance i get one (!) +1 vaal bow is around 30% (rough estimate). This means that generally I will get nothing. This is extremely demotivating for a regular PoE player - the content just humiliates him and shows the further miserability of the attempts to craft gear.

But remember that a Vaal Orbed 6 linked item is still valuable to a player with mid tier gear. Id be excited to find a fast 6 linked bow with loads of elemental damage, regardless of the vaaled mod.
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Please hire someone to do BOTW for you. Don't let its lifeline depend on your own availability. There are hundreds of people out there who'd love to earn a bit of side money on such a fun project.

I understand that good gear shouldnt be easy to aquire and should be something that you really need to work to get to. D3:ROS is a good example how the excessive avaliabilty of gear can ruin the game and vanilla D3 (pre-patchees) is a good example of how the bad drops can do the same effect. However, in current state of PoE crafting is simply beyond reach (and I dont complain about yellow/uniques drop). Especially in 4-month leagues. And GGG promotes players to play those. Nothing demotivates player more than the death of the very hope to get there.

As for random Vaal orbs, I gave an example of the EXACT thing I want to get. I dont care if someone 6-linked some item, RNG God might be benevolent to you once (or twice?) but it isnt something you can work towards to.


exactly. I play the game to hire someone to play the game for me.
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Could you do one of these on PvP progress? That's an area we get basically no communication from you guys on.
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Can you open a topic about your plans/vision for the next leagues and/or self found?
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Startkabels wrote:
Can you open a topic about your plans/vision for the next leagues and/or self found?

The specific details of the next leagues are secret until late June, unfortunately. I'll try to go into detail about the type of design motivations behind them, but the actual cool mechanics we've chosen are not able to be announced early for marketing reasons. We're not repeating the Invasion mistakes again, though.
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Fair enough, then I have some more time to start my first character in Ambush to see how those strongboxes work out.

Assuming my only character in Invasion will fall anyway, don't like the idea of soft-core though =)
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thanks for the work GGG. that shows that you guys still listen ( manifesto was highly wanted by the community ). im not happy with alot of decisions lately. but this manifesto shows that you still tryhard to make us happy. im curious what the future brings.
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MrEnzyme wrote:
Could you do one of these on PvP progress? That's an area we get basically no communication from you guys on.

e/ Please.
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Hi all @ GGG,

I just wanted to say thanks for staying committed and open. After having played for 100+ hours, I decided to make microtransaction purchases (only 30$usd). I didn't necessarily want to buy something, I just felt it was the best way to express my gratitude for producing this quality game.

That said, the things that kept me from walking away from this game are your constant updates and connectedness with the community. I seriously got frustrated by the desynch issues when I took a break from playing this game. But I came back for the Vaal patch and was pleased with the progress.

I've had 30.00 dollars floating around in my steam wallet since winter break, and after seeing some really large F2P/Early Access disappointments (War Z...), and being generally displeased with developers like EA, I held onto it for a purchase I could justify.

You guys were it! Just thought I would give some feedback to give you an idea where (at least 1) customer is coming from.

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