1.1.0e Patch Notes (hotfix)

Mivo wrote:
Yes, for end game content you actually need more than 4L, and you have to use curses, and you need to put points in related passives. And guess what? The same is true for every other skill, except that most of them still have higher requirements and don't perform as well.

Physical attackers don't need any curse and perform even better. I know it, I running only those from release... ;)
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Completed 12 Challengesbunkerz wrote:
Woot they nerfed Konu. He was impossible to kill cuz his leech was too much.

No he wasn't, I'd killed him every time I'd ran into him after level 40.
Yay, another update... Time to wait an hour to download an 11.6 mb install. Does anyone know Why it takes so long to download? It's bordering on being faster just to redownload the entire game.
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Yay Chris
I'm so happy that I ripped on my Invasion character about a half hour after the patch due to not being aware that my damage had been largely changed and not changing my playstyle in any manner as a result.

Nerfs should not be hotfixes without advance warning.
Laraelias wrote:
Does anyone know Why it takes so long to download? It's bordering on being faster just to redownload the entire game.
because your ISP is bad? I live in far east Russia where internet is basically shit, and got no problems with poe updates at all, DL speed is equal my speed limit.
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IMO the 2 spiders need to be nerfed the most gg ive got 1 shotted by them twice first time was lvl 48 2nd time was 68 with 4k armor... explain why that would 1 shot me + i had over 3.5k hp
Don't get why they nerfed Konu. All you had to do was get out of the fire and not use minions. Thornrunner on the other hand I was unable to deal any damage to at all.
Even if I only play standard, it's good to see this hotfix to searing bond. Would be a shame if the new leagues got too corrupted with this OP skill.. I just think it's a little too late.
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Was hoping the weird half second damage delay on detonate dead would be fixed.

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