1.1.0e Patch Notes (hotfix)

Version 1.1.0e (hotfix):
Serverside Fixes:
  • The following fixes will apply when you enter a new area:
  • Reduced the damage of Searing Bond (by 28% at gem level 1, tapering to no change at gem level 20). Because most support gems don't affect Searing Bond, it's still quite powerful, especially when socketed in items that grant additional gem levels.
  • Reduced the number of Maps dropped from Cartographer's Strongboxes.
  • Ossecati, Boneshaper now spawns skeletons on himself rather than on the player.
  • Konu, Maker of Wind no longer leeches life.
  • Fixed a bug where The Bolt Juggler would set Ice Nova traps when no players were nearby.
  • Reduced the spike damage potential for Spinesnap and Kamaq, Soilmaker.
  • Fixed two instance crashes.

This patch was deployed as a hotfix with no downtime.
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