1.1.0e Patch Notes (hotfix)

Completed 9 ChallengesAscendic wrote:
Dear streaming dick cheeses:

Thank you for continuing to showcase the strong builds in PoE so they can be promptly nerf'd into FUCKING OBLIVION. I almost was having fun playing the game, thankfully I can now go back to bashing my fucking face against a wall.

are you honestly mad that OP skills get nerfed and you can't faceroll content that much anymore? and you blame and insult streamers because they use the best skills? that is just ridiculous and sad

also, Searing Bond is nowhere near "nerf'd into FUCKING OBLIVON", it's still really good
My main fire witch is now nerfed, but ah wells. I used SB before it was buffed, now everyone does and it's nerfed. I will have to find another skill to use and hope no one catches on to it too quickly :s

I don't even care anymore to be honest, I'm always trying to think of deadly combinations, unlike most players who can only copy what streamers do.
welcome nerfs to ossecati lol.

Edit: rather changes. not nerfs.but still a nerf
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First all the fart jokes and now a nerf. Konu, Maker of Wind must be gutted.

Dreggon wrote:
As a Searing Bond user, please feel free to nerf it even harder.

Also, put Green Searing Bond on sale. Make bank.

danisonxtc :this guy is #1 business man


danisonxtc the Dreggon have absolutely right

I want to add this :
The GGG dont know the really power of the game he made.
So , if someone PLAYER create a good build and clear all the monsters when he face him, then the GGG starting NERF anything just to keep balance in the game.

But , this tactic sometime in future will make the players go away from this game, AND if it happens then noteone return back from those who abandon the game. So beware
SB is just too good in a well coordinated party. Five guys filling the screen with dual totem SB and one with auras to boost the other five. GG
Completed 11 ChallengesDreggon wrote:
As a Searing Bond user, please feel free to nerf it even harder.

When this day comes I would just ask you to consider the following.

A respec for those who build there characters around fire dmg.

Please put back "Searing Bond no longer stacks damage from multiple beams." so it does, ever other dual totem like spork, does stack damage so the duel tomeist should not be penalized any more.

Allow added fire dmg at a minimum , and maybe fire Fire Penetration and some others as just with anyother skill.

But at its current state I think the devs made the right choice of "you can have this awesome skill but you can improve it much"
Voideye + Searing Bond. Profit.

Way better than Inc Burning Damage, or messing around with the hassle of Traps/Mines.
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Mivo wrote:
On the first day, I was madly in love with the lockboxes. Gemcutter's were great, it was fantastic to actually find the gems you needed if your class didn't get them at all (meanwhile, Templars get five or six Reduced Mana). Spawn rate cut in half the next day, but it feels more like a 90% reduction since the day after. Haven't seen one since.

Found a cartographer's lockbox, was super happy that maps might be easier to come by and have the end game more accessible for everyone. Whoops, hotfixed, too. Nevermind that I only found two boxes with four maps each.

What isn't hotfixed is that boxes that "guarantee x rare items" frequently less than whatever x is, nor the 1xxx% IIR boxes that drop whites, or the boxes that drop nothing.

When you nerf the fun bits, but leave in the things that are bugged in a way that is disadvantageous to the player, it is bound to look like that you care more about removing exciting aspects than balancing the game.

It's almost back to pre-1.10 in terms of enjoyment. Please remember that you are developing and offering a game, not torture tools.

This. The lockboxes were so much fun when the patch first hit! All my friends and I were so happy, it was the best league ever! I don't understand why everything has to be nerfed. Give us fun for a day or two and then nerf it.. I just don't get it! LET US HAVE SOME DAMN FUN AND KEEP US AROUND!
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Chris wrote:
Ossecati, Boneshaper now spawns skeletons on himself rather than on the player.

I feel that's somewhat unfair, since I can do that on him :)
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