SotV Deployment Timeline and Updated Patch Notes

What do you mean with 'pvp scaling' ? Skills will differ in pvp vs pve?

Great news anyway, 14 h to go yay!!
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Hey will the Burning Miscretions Damage scale up with them being higher level?

Looking good!
The buff to early cast speed is positively amazing, especially when combined with the smoother leveling on spells, and the improved ele/spell damage passives, I may have to (seriously) play a caster again. Sounds so much less painful, especially when considering the fact that spells tend to be less gear reliant.

Now all you need to do is buff Viper Strike, and you'll have my undying love.

(Eat it BM summoners, they did about 15x the damage of a fully supported Viper Strike, without the need to even attack the thing first)
ObscureBalrog wrote:
What do you mean with 'pvp scaling' ? Skills will differ in pvp vs pve?

Great news anyway, 14 h to go yay!!
Obviously they would, otherwise it would be stupid "First person to score a hit, wins" scenarios all the time. It would also be nothing but extremely short games.
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oORyanOo wrote:
I have to survive 6 hours of dreadful school waiting to play this tomorrow :/

I take online classes and have to get a couple projects done early so I can nolife the expansion, lol.
Im pretty happy with changes thankyou GGG
Sorry for the possibly very noob question (this is the first major change in the game since my playing), but how does the modification of the passive tree works IRL in case of my existing characters?

I mean if I already had a path where the nodes are changed or moved to a different place does the server redistribute my passives and may I lost an important node if it moved farther? I saw in the notes that there will be a reset button to rearrange my existing points, so I can remedy (at least I hope I will be able) if something drastic and to me unfavourable change happens, I would only like to know how does it work.

(lesson to me: try build up a character fully in four months, to avoid unexpected changes in the planned tree)

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