SotV Deployment Timeline and Updated Patch Notes

nice, good thing there's a lot of changes which kinda forces the hand of GGG to reset skills. though would be better to grant 100% respec every major update.

also excited to get those new cyclone and fireball skill gems...

hope im wrong coz i wonder how restrictive the changes are going to bode for solo players as it seems to me that some of the changes are geared more towards team play.

so, more legacy items goes into regular dumping leagues? poor newbies, apparently less and less incentive to start playing.

and still no enhancement to in-game trade :(

well, at least, the game setting matches the trade format, both are archaic...
you are a .... ...
good guy

Kudos, Chris and the other guys at GGG. I really like the changes, and that comes from a Summoner who was a bit worried about the changes to the burned miscreations. They still work pretty good though with increased burning damage, minion damage, vulnerability and elemental equilibrium. Not as good as before obviously, but they were really ridicilous, considering they do aoe damage.

Like I said, I like it. Keep up the good work

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Like it in general, but nerfing the Burned Miscreations so bad just totally f***ked up my main source of damage!! Even with Flamability, Vulnerability, Added Fire dmg, Concentrated and added minion dmg, my zombies deal more damage than my 3 BMs... But yeah, got some extra ES to compensate, so I guess I won't complain further...

Keep up the good job devs.

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