1.1.0 Patch Notes - Sacrifice of the Vaal

nikals wrote:
[Removed by Support] If you don't like the game you don't have to play it ya know. The game is supposed to be harsh and unforgiving. If you don't enjoy that, you don't have to partake. And all of the balance changes were well justified in some way.

Keep in mind PoE is a FREE game. [Removed by Support]

[Removed by Support]
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Remember that GGG isn't just balancing items and mechanics based on what's already been implemented but also on what they're planning to implement.
Completed 6 Challengesjamesl wrote:
Wow. RIP to all new players, you won't be able to do much of ANYTHING compared to older ones.


If you want to remove something, or change anything, the ONLY way it can be appropriate is if its across the board and applies equally to everyone. ..


do you not realize there are 4 month leagues where everyone starts off EXACTLY the same ?

empty stash, no items, no characters, no mules

you really don't understand this game at all

new players will want to play in the NEW leagues where they start off the same as everyone else

if they started in Standard or Hardcore they would already be behind, even if GGG deleted 1/2 the existing items from existing players

so OF COURSE they are going to want to start in the 4 month leagues, where they will be on equal footing, and they will will build up wealth just as everyone else does


Of course, because 4-month leagues last forever and people can play in them as long as they want, howsoever often they want, right?

It's been stated time and time again, since YOU apparently don't seem to grasp what the fuss is about: not every person enjoys being forced to create new characters every few months, jumping through the same old hoops over and over to level up all those characters, then having to essentially give up on them each time a league ends.

New 4-month leagues are an excellent idea, they aren't in question at all. It is the older leagues, places referred to as "dumpster leagues", that become worse and worse over time. Because of this, any new player wanting to continue developing his/her character into Standard has to basically give up or face insurmountable odds and live with them (knowing in the back of their minds that their character will be permanently limited because of how difficult and non-accommodating Standard is). Those options, a rock and a hard place, are terrible and not actual *options*. They are ultimatums. Who wants ultimatums when it comes to a hobby/enjoyment/distraction?
For POE Devs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea6UuRTjkKs
Died like this in HC before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVsgFUiD-Y8

No buff to arc or glacial hammer?
Perhaps the nodes will change things, won't know till we see them.
honestly, i'm really sick of having to respec characters.
i got a one-week ban for saying "thanks, captain obvious."
Peapodsp wrote:
nikals wrote:

What the actual fuck is wrong with some people here? If you don't like the game you don't have to play it ya know. The game is supposed to be harsh and unforgiving. If you don't enjoy that, you don't have to partake. And all of the balance changes were well justified in some way.

Keep in mind PoE is a FREE game. Stop acting like entitled little brats.

lol you do know people that play this game are funding it right? idiot

It's pretty safe to say that most of the whiners are no founders, or not founding much.
I did not say that it's he case for all of them, but I bet that it is the case for most.
SweetBreaker : thread 823111 ( /!\ this build is weird .... and old /!\ ).
Sunder guardian (poisoninGaijin) : thread 1831267 ( Pretty unusual too ! ) [BHC] !rip
Completed 13 ChallengesFruz wrote:
This patch looks beautifull, GGG thank you <3

What I like in it :

- reduced early game spectral throw = that was needed, thanks !
- nerf Vaal Pact overall or ES and make it a more viable option for life builds, nerfing leech still = leech still needs further tweaking, but that's a huge thing already !
- nerf crit mults : ohhhh ! I've been asking for a crit tuning down for ages, this is finally happening. Next step : the crit mults from the skill tree please ?
- buff ES : thanks, it needed some love :))
- buff elemental dmg : some balance around double curse and monster res would have been better to me, but this works too :>
- nerf AA : finally, I don't have it but there it's not difficult to see how unbalanced that was. It's making plenty of new legacy items though.
- nerf Saffel : I've been asking for this also for ages ! this is great, now can you please tune down the elemental bosses please though ? T_T

GGG, this patch is beautiful <3
The game will still needs a lot of balancing of course, but this is the way to go to me =)

hell yeah i agree with you! but where do you see the nerf to arctic armour ? i don't see it
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Completed 7 ChallengesNgjnMaster wrote:
Wow. RIP to all new players, you won't be able to do much of ANYTHING compared to older ones.

I cannot fathom what GGG expect to achieve with all the legacy-creation. As older players get ever more stronger and farther ahead, just what do new players have a chance to get? Shafted? Again and again each time you "improve" and "balance" the game?

If you want to remove something, or change anything, the ONLY way it can be appropriate is if its across the board and applies equally to everyone. Making it a first-come-first-serve heaven for the oldest members of the community totally trounces all the newcomers. I don't have all the answers as to how you would keep those oldest members happy, but I can promise you: new ones will be completely put-off to learn they will never be able to afford the most useful version of items they want for builds they want to make (unless they resort to RMT, which is supposedly prohibited). Why play then? The only logical course is to quit and find something else (or, as mentioned, RMT).

I am not gonna even bother trying out new builds in standard anymore; its a fucking cesspit of untenable unfairness. I hope no one else does either, and standard just dies off like the cancer that it's becoming. Maybe then there will be some newbie-friendly changes for once, one can hope.

--- of course, I'm assuming legacy items continue to exist as they have been...they may not, in which my rant is misplaced ---

I gotta agree with you. I've mostly agreed with GGG's decisions, but in the terms of legacy items, I think they should be removed too.

Standard league is still much fun to play, but I feel that legacy items hurt this league more than it helps it.

For instance: I don't like the fact that people who found a unique item just before a nerf is considered a rich man.

Global nerf would help Standard league :-)!

a few legacy items arent a make or break problem for standard league the problem is new legacy items are created every 4 months from new leagues and thats not including general legacies created because ggg did not properly test an item to begin with.

the other problem with standard is hc deaths end up dumped into standard as well, if this game was as hc as it says and the fanboys believe it to be then those chars/gear would be permanently destroyed upon death and not sold on the site we know im talking about for another form of currency and then re-traded for more hc gear =/.

it would be nice to be able to play on a stable permanent league instead of being pushed to play temporary leagues.
mushioov wrote:
Completed 17 ChallengesLeTwix wrote:
After reading the comments, I'm thinking that this patch will be twice as effective as I'd anticipated.

All the entitled man-children and otherwise deliberately idiotic folk crying for "buffs rather than nerfs" will hopefully follow up their threats and leave this community.

POE is the haven of all "hardcore" gamers (whether they actually play on "hardcore difficulty" or not), since it is the only RPG with an intricate skill system, depth in its gameplay style and, most importantly, the CHALLENGE IT IMPOSES. The difficulty level of this game is one of its key features. Players seeking only "easy mode" grinding will, to my pleasure, flock over to diablo (and stay there -- or not).

DISCLAIMER: I've played ALL of the Blizzard/Activision franchises, and have enjoyed them each for what they where, and POE is, although from the same genre, a completely DIFFERENT kind of game, and must stay this way.

TL;DR: This game revels in its difficulty and complexity. If you want "buffs" or "ezmode" go play other games than host such things (Like d3, which, again, quite the successful game in that respect).

Finally, keep in mind that unique items are intended as an added flavor to a build, not quite it's most necessary piece (with few exceptions). Generally, a GG rare will surpass even the best rolled unique. Those whose tears flow as rivers after reading the notes, remember this: Koam's Heart was a MUST HAVE unique for ALL builds, only a while ago. After its "nerf", build diversity and varied demand sky rocketed. These changes -- nerfs -- are beneficial in all things.

+200 - Friggin good post. Whiners gonna whine, and their tears are DELICIOUS. PoE4Lyfe.
Just make it even harder please :-)

No, you're wrong. Allow me to explain.

Go on the PoE Wiki and count how many skills are considered main skills compared to everything else. Do the exact same for the support gems. In fact, it was rhetorical. Less than 50% of active and support gems are considered main skills. In fact, less than 25% are considered main skills for various reasons.
A few of those reasons:

1) No scaling
2) Bad scaling
3) Bad stats
4) Bugs

The only contested point is #4, simply because Flicker is a pretty damn good skill and regardless of desync, can still be used effectively (if and only if you build your toon right).
For a game that advertises diversity, you'd expect some kind of diversity. However, after a certain level, your "diverse" options are constricted to a few builds that work past that phase. Now, before you go about posting various obscure Youtube links that are over a year old where someone is grinding Fellshrine with Lightning Warp or Ice Nova, let me remind you that endgame in PoE is considered Maps. Grinding Fellshrine/City of Sarn/Docks isn't endgame. Those are simply farming zones.

With constant nerf after nerf after nerf, the population is literally left with only trying to figure out which build sucks less than all the rest. DoTA, at the very least, handles their nerfs very well. They don't nerf something so far into the ground that even trying to pick it up is a hassle, they nerf something slightly enough that another meta can shine through it. For those of you that are incapable of reading, here's a quick list:

PoE Nerfs:
1) nerf every popular build until it's too much of a hassle to even pick up
2) Introduce a bunch of untested, theorycrafted new elements that may or may not work

DoTA Nerfs:
1) Nerf a popular build/comp until its slightly less effective yet still viable
2) Give room for a new meta to shine

Obviously one is better than the other. I've been playing this game since OB launched and I can tell you that every new patch is nothing but microtransaction, nerfs, and theorycrafted game elements that don't work in actual gameplay.
Regardless of "The game is hard or not," tons of decisions by GGG are ridiculous. We'll see if you're still here a year later to continue bantering that this is the best game NA.
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I dont want a fresh start, I want to use the same character i've been putting time into and have the opportunity to find items that don't exist in the game anymore. that's stupid. as it stands anyway i never find decent uniques and i've been playing for a long time. it makes no sense. how do some ppl find things and i've been playing so long and don't have shit. its not enjoyable any longer. also the nerfs. just no. im playing everquest next, at least the eq team doesn't punish you and make unfair changes to the game.


I have neither the time nor the dropp luck to play up to me in a 4-month league one endgame char.

This is my conclusion from the last two leagues.

If I want to in the endgame, me only the standard League so unfortunately remains to play.

And in almost 1.5 years of playing time, I have not seen a BoR or Saffell.
And the other players, who of course knew the nerf already bought dozens again.

This feels so depressing.

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