Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal Full Information

any news on the iiq stuff and possible changes to droprates?
<3 cant wait
Invasion - Retired due to 20+ Rips
Hardcore - ZackyP (Reaver Max Blocker/67%Spell block)
ZackyPArcer (Arcer max spell block in the works)
ZackyPP (buzzsaw overall cheap build)
ZackyPee (DD in the works)
That vaal Immortal call O.O

Seems so OP but might be wrong.
IGN: eLdiLdoRadO
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Absolutely amazing!!!

Best company ever. Best game ever. So glad I have invested in Grinding Gear Games.
"Man, it's like we're fighting housewives and their equipment." - Millennium
Very happy, been waiting for this
I for one didn't expect this level of awesomeness. Great work GGG.
Standard Forever
This was all in the videos... need my damn patch notes!
Always end up with bow characters....
I hope invasion's bosses don't kill build diversity. Otherwise this looks amazing.
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keep it up!!!
edit: Make a corrupt Power Siphon gem =)
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