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im so hiped right now, dayum
Eternal orb prices just skyrocketed.
New PvP Modes - Cut-throat and Sarn Arena

Players have been asking for long-term Cut-throat mode for as long as exiles have known how to cut the throats of their allies. It is an optional league type where players are able to invade each other's areas and kill them for their items. This means an increase in the number and duration of cut-throat events as we iterate on the rules with the community.

Sorry for my bad english but i need clarification on it as i wait Cut-Throat to start playing.

It means no permanent Cut-Throat League right ? It just means we will have more Cut-Throat events and more duration of those (i mean something like 1 week or so) right ?

I don't get into races/events but how long is the longer duration of those ? (1 week ? 1 month ?)

Thank you very much
This was all in the videos... need my damn patch notes!

" ... to let them know the game isn’t going to be very fair from here on out."
- Qarl
nheowitzki wrote:
Eternal orb prices just skyrocketed.

is not clear if you can eternal before vaal
Are imprints currency?
But....but....THE SKILL TREE
Very impressive! Can't wait to see the patch notes.
just one more map
Sadimas nerfed, most likely Goldwyrms too!
[Corruption intensifies]

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