Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal Full Information

I am very excited for this update, but to be honest this has the huge stench of Diablo 2. Diablo in hell, where hell's minions are leaking in the overworld, with portals in LoD Act V leading to hell a few times? And the antagonist demands immense power too!

Hopefully Act 5 will have a new twist to it.
It's almost here, and I'm stoked!

I am back to the game ;).
3 more hours, cant wait
Awesome, I can't wait until it finally starts. So eager to explore the world and all the new stuff, especially the curruption and new leagues.

But I can't help to quote what my friend said when he saw that Queen:
"So definately not ruling through seduction."
servers kind of full!
i thought there's a new class in this new expac =p anyway i am back to game and try it out again. GJ.
Loving the new content!
It has come to pass in my ears that the Vaal would attempt this kind of behaviour...

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