New Microtransaction and Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #2

Nice quiver... Too bad its another low level one... Was hoping for something end game..
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HAHA called it on Tombstone Desecrate

stonespeak wrote:
Anyone know what the accidental teaser in the Newly Added section of ?

The Green thing between the 2 skulls!

Maybe the alternate effect of Desecrate to be released next patch!?

Also cant w8 for Vaal content.
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Notice that there are 4 gems in the equipment but only 3 skills on the skillbar. Could the white gem affect all gems in that coloured slot, hence BA is modified? Just a thought
White socket = vendor recipe. Item + albino rhoa feather + chromatic orb + appropriate color skill gem = same item with the matched socket changed to white socket.

Unset ring = new base item. Vendor it with skill gem to turn itu to other base item ring.
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shame i wont play new league and will stay on standard..
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It could be cool if the white gem was just "standard attack" so we could support it :p But it's probably just portal.

The thing we learn in this image is that it's not the white socket that gives the corrupted mod to a gem.

Nice ring, trading off an implicit mod for an extra gem slot might be usefull, bu will also emphasize how much some old implicit mods are underpowered past early game (coral amulet, iron ring, paua ring)
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... and BA on skill bar is blacked out so he's obviously run out of arrows despite having full mana
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Moeeom123 wrote:

shame i wont play new league and will stay on standard..

Why not try out the new league? Standard will be there during and after for your enjoyment.
For those that haven't seen it.

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Anyone also noticed the BLOODY SCRATCH just in the middle of the screen?

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