New Microtransaction and Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #2

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I'd rather think it's GGG's answer to the crafting QQing. Take unset ring, roll it (alc or chaos), add a stat that fits the things you rolled best.

And what's that quiver?
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first page oh yes, ggg are the best

sigh or not, second, hooray
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Cool ring?
what does the 0 represent on burning arrow? weird
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Zackypp wrote:
what does the 0 represent on burning arrow? weird

I'm guessing its the key binding

Edit: ^ I'm sure I heard something a while back about being able to rebind the mouse button slots to other things. Might be wrong though

Edit 2: I'm just blind, didn't spot the mouse button icon ><
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So desecrate and rejuve totem now go on the rings I expect :)
Is that a WHITE GEM up top in the green socket?!

White gems that can go into any socket to opposite the white sockets with any gem!? :)
Corrupted skill gems / equipment, white sockets, and now rings with sockets. This is looking seriously cool and you've only teased two screenshots!

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