Weekend Premium Stash Tab Sale!

bought some more. I won one of the twitch 100 point packs you gave out for aux and hegemony's interview yesterday so thanks for that :D
i <3 minesweeper
lols I bought 8 premium stash tabs yesterday... Typical :)
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Thanks, now all I need is a regular stash tab sale (not the bundle) and a premium stash tab sale (not the bundle), don't have enough points for another bundle.
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hmm, i have 77 premium stash tabs total. should i buy more?
ign thisiseplaner

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'Only' 59 here ... and it's barely enough *egad*
Will there ever be a Stash Tab Upgrade bundle? Or at least a discount? Somehow the thought of having normal tabs along with Premium tabs drives me insane (all or nothing), so I've been stuck with all the normal tabs I got way back.
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Appreciate that Chris, really. Thanks ^^
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Do purchased tabs carry onto the next season? I can't imagine we would have to buy more for the new nemesis league, but want to make sure.
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Yes of course.
The stash tabs you buy are usable in every present and future leagues.
In example, if you buy this premium bundle today, you will get:
+ 6 premium stash tabs in Standard
+ 6 premium stash tabs in Hardcore
+ 6 premium stash tabs in Domination
+ 6 premium stash tabs in Nemesis

and you will also get your 6 premium stash tabs in the 2 new leagues when they will start
To be honest. More free stash tab wouldn't be bad to come up with this sentence.
"The game is completely free and will never be "pay to win""

But maybe I will purchase some stashes... 4 is a really hard limitation tho.

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