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Weekend Premium Stash Tab Sale!

We really enjoyed reading your reactions to the Sacrifice of the Vaal announcement that we made yesterday. We've been excited about the update for a while, but it's great to finally share that excitement with the community. For the next 48 hours, we're running a sale on Premium Stash Tab Bundles (17.5% off). As always, thanks for your generous support!
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Oh noe. My wallet. ):
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Yay tabs!
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Awesome. Time to buy some more :)
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any chance we get a regular stash tab bundle? Only got 150pts and I will need that space soon...
thx GGG

(page just got a little shorter) ;)
Wow a 2 day sale this time.

Now all we need is a sale for additional character stash tabs. ;-)
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Yes!!! Really needed some more space.
Completed 1 ChallengeChameleon wrote:
... additional character stash tabs. ;-)

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