Weekend Premium Stash Tab Sale!

Guild: [LFT] La French Touch
[LFT] Shop: *view-thread/629471
IGN: Imperum
IGN: Victory_Or_Sovngarde - Level 100 Crit Reave Block Tank Scion

You can play any build you want, as long as it's the current meta.
YEEYY m00RE Tabs!

-> i agree: additional character slots would be nice too
IGN PPPPanddddaPPPPanicccc
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That's exactly the sale I was waiting for :)
IGN: @Trapped_My_Left_Nut
More skill effects!

And set items :D

I know that's asking a lot, but it's all I'm waiting for.
18 tabs bought.

Thanks GGG
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i really need "Upgrade to premium stash tab" sale, and bundles of "Upgrade to premium stash tab" are better.

why there havent bundles of "Upgrade to premium stash tab"?
poe_Chaika wrote:
any chance we get a regular stash tab bundle? Only got 150pts and I will need that space soon...

Do you noticed they are also on sale for 150 Points ?
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victorious wings during next week plz :}
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I might have to get some.. just a bit upset I would be 5 points shy of getting a 7th premium stash tab, LOL.

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