Weekend Premium Stash Tab Sale!


Now how about a "Sacrifice of the Vaal" themed wallpaper? It would be a nice promotion for the expansion! ;)
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Actually enough stash tabs for me :)
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INSANE SHOP - SELL OUT !! Welcome to HELL !!
Yogoo wrote:
Actually enough stash tabs for me :)

said no one ever ;)
If only I could buy them...
Remove already region restriction in Steam or include support for WebMoney.ru
Just got my survivor´s pack and bought the bundle x2 :D love you GGG, you´re the best
Are you sure there's no mistake in main page timer? It looks like sale lasts 24, not 48 hours.
Completed 8 Challengescooker0 wrote:
Are you sure there's no mistake in main page timer? It looks like sale lasts 24, not 48 hours.

I imagine they'll just re-apply it once the first 24 hours are out.

Lets change it up and have a POE bake sale, I want to get me some Piety Brownies and Dominus Carrot Cake or a Vaal Torte.

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Nullus Anxietas:)
Hey cool. Another sale of premium stash tab bundles.

Since my stash is bursting and I am neat freak and like to keep stuff organized that is exactly what I would be buying now (probably even directly 2-3 bundles since one can never have enough stash tabs) if I just knew whether I will actually be interested in playing this game any longer which directly depends on whether GGG will listen to the community requesting an introduction of a new standard league where items will be properly maintained without legacy items. Since I do not know I pass. No more money for you until I hear something I like, GGG.
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i`m not into tabs, still waiting for those pants...

and if you really want my money make the kiwis return to the shop

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