What Happens When the Domination and Nemesis Leagues End?

mouhanad wrote:
Legacy uniques, blindly taking those shitty IIQ changes like I was fearing.. whatever a new league receives (no IIQ, no IIR and whatnot), you just apply to the perm leagues afterwards. Is there a way for it to fail? Obviously not, because people played the league. Duh.

I haven't played in months, hate the 1.0 changes and the shitty new leagues. Was considering coming back in March. Will probably not come back considering how this game keeps getting worse and worse and worse.

As a casual solo player you ONLY have the IIQ mod to keep up with farming. If you think punishing solo players even MORE than you've kept doing, fine, but don't be surprised by the outcome in the not-so-long run.

No IIQ rare mod/gem = baibai

Instead of supporting iiq, support a new permanent league with no iiq and no iir but with increased global drop rates. I am a solo player too for the most part, iiq and iir gems just gimp your character and force you to use certain items. Their complete removal will benefit this game and make it more fun and versatile when coupled with an increase in drop-rates.

The removal of IIQ on items, does not make your characters stronger, it removes options for players that dont mind giving up some power mods, for other mods, like MF type mods as in IIQ. I personally love making gear decisions on this, it makes the game more fun for me. the removal of IIQ on rare items will make this game much less fun for many players, and in my opinion is just dumbing it down, just like Blizzard did to D.
I'm still curious as to which Nemesis mods will make it into the main game. I really loved Nemesis and would like to see most of those affixes return.
I still haven't gotten my characters from the old leagues back to standard league.

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