What Happens When the Domination and Nemesis Leagues End?

first page?

EDIT: Doh!
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.

Path of Exile Version 0.7.0: Completely rebalanced everything[/quote] BEST PATCHNOTES EVER!! :D
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But I'll never build my ultimate mfer now :(
I am happy.
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Doing well GGG, may want to keep corrupting blood, keeps you on your toes in hc. Hc seems a little easy without it, just my opinion though.
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Whatever quest gives iq gem the earliest to be run a bazillion times between now and march 5.
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Can't wait for 1.1!
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So the game just keeps getting harder and harder, right?

Less quantity (which makes the game even harder for new players), and the nemesis-mods make Rares really hard sometimnes (Stormcall, volatile). It's just like the addition of devourers, which made some maps just unplayable.

I don't understand the necessity to remove quantity. I use it because I like lootexplosions. If somebody doesn't, he can just not use it. But when you remove it, you need other ways to improve the loot. You NEED other ways. Because right now selffound and playing without friends or a party is really hard to do.

"Prismatic Rings will no longer drop, but can still be obtained from vendor recipes."

If Prismatic Rings no longer drop, does this mean that Davros70's custom unique Thief's Torment also can no longer be obtained?
21/05/2018. The day the indie company owned and operated in New Zealand known as GGG died. It is now owned and ultimately at the mercy of Chinese megacorp Tencent.

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Self-found league would be great. An environment where everyone, not just those who choose to, are forced to live off the land with some vendor support. No trading. Would add quite a bit of challenge to an already exciting world.

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