What Happens When the Domination and Nemesis Leagues End?

Domination was bland. Shrines were too far inbetween and usually just were a little (in-)convenience on the way. I'm a fan of the madness that are Ancestral races/maps. I'd rather see a chance to have a zone from Cruel onwards to roll with a tame map mod (no surprise Blood Magic) including Ancestral.

Nemesis was a lot of fun and the mods often made for interesting challenges, looking forward to see them around.
F*ck Storm Herald though. It killed my Kole/Piety proof minions in a second and my Nemesis main when I was foolish enough to stand still for longer than a second (@61 with 70% Lightning Resist, 2.4k health and Marauder crit reduction, didn't see shock stacks since I got two-in-one-shot, so I guess I was at one stack) and don't skip them as almost everybody does. That mod should have gotten a rebalance while the leagues ran. Lightning as a whole is a tricky thing to balance since it has such a big top end. Which is fine as long as the hits are spaced. Vaal is done well in that regard, you can take a hit and have your "oh crap" moment and recover and avoid the next hit. Storm Herald could stack (like Firestorm with Lightning) and just smash anything with two consecutive high rolls or even crits.
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Meh, I'm okay with most of these changes, but legacy IIQ gems sound absolutely terrible.

And Nemesis mods on only some rare monsters? Will there be a distinguishing feature that alerts us to the Nemesis mod? I can see this being an unexpected killer in HC if there are no visual indicators.
can you explain why creating a gazillion legacy items with iiq affixes is a better idea than just removing iiq affixes from the new leagues?
Thank the Gods (Chris being the Patron God of RNG, among others) that Nemesis Mods are coming to SC/HC!

I would have quit if we lost Nemesis Mods, they are so fun!

In SC/HC I never look forward to Rares, and just go "meh, a Rare. Whatevs."
But in Nemesis, I'm constantly looking forward to a Rare, like an excited child waiting for his Christmas presents! "Oh, I can't wait for the next Rare, I wonder what mod it's gonna be!"

They are so fun, and some, especially Corrupting Blood <3, give me some dance-with-death adrenaline rushes! (I let it stack to 20 and don't even Staunch it, because YOLO.)

I assume they'll remove Storm Herald, because that shit is ridiculous.. But I hope most of them remain, and I hope it's not as rare as Exiles (which are the stupidest feature ever..), not only because I want to see the Mods often, but because it'd make it harder for noobs who've not experienced the mods because of their rarity, and then ending up unawares when they finally face one.

PS. IIQ Gem becoming Legacy? Horde up my brothers!
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I hate the idea of having legacy IIQ items. I have 154 IIQ. It's just not fair to other people. Also having legacy IIQ gem around will just mean everyone will make a ton of characters just to run through the game and get the IIQ gem.

I suggest increasing the diminishing returns on IIQ instead.
I don't understand where people are getting this "Legacy IIQ gem" from? The only situation where existing gem was deemed too broken (in one way or another) and subsequently removed was Phase Run back in Closed Beta, and that certainly didn't leave a Legacy version of it. If they remove IIQ gem from drop tables, I'm pretty sure it means they remove it from the game altogether. Maybe they'll leave you an Alch or something for compensation, but I doubt it.
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W00t, the taming is now even less accessible for poor people. Yay.

B/O 150 ex

Also, will there be a free full respec for 1.1.0?
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the gem is a minor thing. there will be an insane amount of legacy rares.
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Powerful legacy items are a feature of the permanent leagues.

Nice feature :/

I know right. Don't get me wrong I don't really care so long as they are not allowed in PvP when it finally becomes a big part of the game. But As someone with a job I don't have the time to fully gear a chr in 4 month league and would like to keep all my pvp chrs so I want to play in standard. If they allow OP legacy items in pvp I'm probably just going to quit the game because the only reason I grind for hours on end is to pvp.

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