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I love the witch mud flat picture, have been using that as Desktop at work :) so thankyou to the fella who made that :).

And ZiggyD, one of the few PoE video makers I watch. Being in NZ, gotta help out the cousin over the ditch :)

Broken Willy's RNG confirmed!
what about my frequent threads that unite the community into one pure and single goal
hating me!
The Perandus send their regards
Sumroach wrote:

Broken Willy's RNG confirmed!

What is with his rng? Bosted by GGG?
That Rhoa Preservation video is brilliant lol.
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I really like what Ziggy is doing, he's a very dedicated player, he surely knows what he's doing but he's not like all those guys swimming in exalts and that have a BoR/Aegis/Soul Taker after three days of leveling a new character. He's just a very nice regular dude, and he's putting up some very good content.
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I love Ziggy's & Willy's streams!!

But don't forget Nugi pls!!!!!!!

He has the great music :)
Dellusions wrote:
That Witch painting is going to be my new background in a moment!

One person I'd like to personally mention is Drakier. If you've ever had a tech problem and posted it in the right forum, you know of him. I like to pop in the tech section when I'm bored and help out, but 99/100 times Drakier got there first. First class guy.

Drakier and Vipermagi are both dead-set legends. GGG should pay them for their efforts -- Drakier for tech support, Viper as a skills and mechanics guru.
Some people like to play a game for the challenge and the reward of overcoming that challenge.
And some people just want to win, win, win effortlessly, endlessly.
I suspect the latter group are compensating for being basically losers in real life.
Wow, that Rhoa video was awesome. :D
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-1 for not mentioning nugi and helmann :(
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