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I love the witch mud flat picture, have been using that as Desktop at work :) so thankyou to the fella who made that :).

And ZiggyD, one of the few PoE video makers I watch. Being in NZ, gotta help out the cousin over the ditch :)

Broken Willy's RNG confirmed!
what about my frequent threads that unite the community into one pure and single goal
hating me!
Probated for 6Months
Asked my forum access to be completely removed
I dont want to hurt people anymore, with my words and creativity
Peace out Guys, will miss the forums, see ya on Reddit :P
Sumroach wrote:

Broken Willy's RNG confirmed!

What is with his rng? Bosted by GGG?
That Rhoa Preservation video is brilliant lol.
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I really like what Ziggy is doing, he's a very dedicated player, he surely knows what he's doing but he's not like all those guys swimming in exalts and that have a BoR/Aegis/Soul Taker after three days of leveling a new character. He's just a very nice regular dude, and he's putting up some very good content.
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I love Ziggy's & Willy's streams!!

But don't forget Nugi pls!!!!!!!

He has the great music :)
Dellusions wrote:
That Witch painting is going to be my new background in a moment!

One person I'd like to personally mention is Drakier. If you've ever had a tech problem and posted it in the right forum, you know of him. I like to pop in the tech section when I'm bored and help out, but 99/100 times Drakier got there first. First class guy.

Drakier and Vipermagi are both dead-set legends. GGG should pay them for their efforts -- Drakier for tech support, Viper as a skills and mechanics guru.
$26,000USD for...a monster no one likes and a whole hell of a lot of hate from a fucking free to play community, and a game that has veered so far off-course I no longer even enjoy playing it for long.

Yeah, that was TOTALLY worth it.
Wow, that Rhoa video was awesome. :D
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-1 for not mentioning nugi and helmann :(
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