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The fan art was awesome and so was the rhoa video.

But I came to say this, and it is is time we started it again, "let's get jiggy with Ziggy".
Aaaawwww yeeeaaah!
Great stuff Exile community!

And /cheers GGG for brings those up.

And that Xnaxox picture of Piety is kinda hot... can't believe I said that but yea...
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Chris wrote:
It also helps that his RNG is broken or something.

Aint that the truth! I mean seriously. Such wow.
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The video on rhoas was very educational and hysterical!

Now to teach my baby rhoa pet how to fish.
Snapshots are for photographers.
For now the game stops for me in the mudflats... I will never break some rhoa eggs again! *Wipe my tears away*

@GGG: Please add a "rhoa friendly" game mode, where we can reach merciless in the first three areas!

And what about the zombies? You know, they are still undead, and we are so heartless to kill them dead! *Wipe more tears away and blow my nose*

And all the skeletons... And the... The... *stop writing, can´t see anything because of all the tears*
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This is great for you to recognize these people and give them a spotlight. Great work GGG.
dont link art you idiots, the important contributions are ideas in the forum
why only mentioning wonka? I have nothing against him but you know there are more people worth out there

btw Roas are evil, doesn't matter what path you follow they are bloody bastartds

Come on GGG repeat with me: "we don't know how to balance but we think we know how to patch up, please forgive us for releasing things (when not useless) based on our guts feeling without testing"
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More vendor options. We need to be able to buy the different currency items from 1 source, trade chat should be for items, not cash.
what about Nugi? D:
That Witch painting is going to be my new background in a moment!

One person I'd like to personally mention is Drakier. If you've ever had a tech problem and posted it in the right forum, you know of him. I like to pop in the tech section when I'm bored and help out, but 99/100 times Drakier got there first. First class guy.

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