Community Contributor Callout

The Path of Exile community is extremely talented and constantly surprises us with their dedication to the game. In this news post, we'd like to call out some examples of awesome things that the community have done, ranging from fan art to YouTube videos to streamers who came to our attention.

We came across three pieces of fan art recently that impressed us: Xnaxox drew this picture of Piety, Asahisuperdry drew a Witch in the Mud Flats and Jazzo created this amazing Matua Tupuna sculpture. Rumour has it that one of our staff members purchased it.

Willywonka has been streaming consistently for so long that he has built up an impressive following. It also helps that his RNG is broken or something. Keep up the good work!

ZiggyD has an awesome YouTube channel and now streams frequently as well. You have a lot of fans in our office.

Terrex is currently at the top of the Race Season Six ladder. His stream is worth checking out!

PlegPlayer recorded the Rhoa Population Preservation Society Message. It's a good cause and a funny video.

That's all for this time! I'm sorry if we missed you out, but we'll be posting more roundups in the future. If you see any great community contributions you feel should be mentioned, post them in this thread.
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