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Go Willy!
WTB WillyWonkas RNG.
Anarchy/Onslaught T shirt
Domination/Nemesis T shirt
Tempest/War Bands T shirt
reboticon wrote:
WTB WillyWonkas RNG.

who doesnt? Kappa
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
willywonkas = legend
ign : Veeden
soo what is this post about
D3 treasure goblins's escape portal is an entrance to Wraeclast
Don't forget Nguyen :p
Danskere: PM mig, hvis I har brug for en guild.
ZiggyD shout-out. Down-to-earth bloke and yet genuine PoE ubermensch. Would buy beer for.

PlegPlayer's video was incredible. After my little 'save the kiwis' endeavour, I felt seriously urged to do SOMETHING for the rhoas.

Then I remembered the little fuckers keep trying to kill me.

I look forward to when more fanficcers and cosplayers get more recognition. I typically loathe both but I think it'd take serious talent and PoE lore familiarity to do either for PoE and be impressive about it.
PoE isn't just toxic. It's actively poisoning itself. The farm has been forsaken for all the fertiliser and the pesticide. The crops are dead; only the weeds continue to grow.

The Shadow would be very disappointed...or eager to get to work.
You forgot:

"TheGreatOnePoE has worked hard on his macros. Now if only he could remember which button they are bound."
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Saw the rhoa video linked on reddit. Everyone should check out his other vids, pretty nice content.
Speaking of fan art

When are you holding the third fan art competition?
Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun.

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