Hyper/PC PowerPlay Game of the Year Awards

Well deserved.

For me POE is the best game there is out there for the past 2 years and maybe more.
Well deserved, here's to a great 2014!
bravo !
IGN: Megawipe
Bravo, Keep Going like this and you will get all the awards!!
Enhorabuena, os lo mereceis. Es el mejor juego de este género sin duda alguna.
I'm 39 years old and have been playing video games for the past 25 years. During the last 5 years however I've played less and less every year. Because of kids. Because of slow disinterest. Because of just getting older maybe.

Then 6 months ago I discovered PoE.

Since then, I've played almost every night and literally spend every single minute of my free time to think about builds, race strategies, skill combinations, gears, and stats optimization.

Thank you so much GGG for having made that awesome game. I've never made any top 10 list but for sure PoE is clearly among the best games I've ever played in my entire life of gamer.

Best regards,
POE is a constantly evolving game, so expect balance changes, buffs and nerfs STILL!
cook your own skill this fun!

One of the best game ever for me.

Hand down!

FYI, Please keep up the 2 week update on patch! This will away keep the game fresh and fun. DONT stop this! keep up the good work GGG!
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