Hyper/PC PowerPlay Game of the Year Awards

Gratz GGG!

I'll keep supporting you as long as you guys keep pumping out the updates/content at the pace you do!

Seems like more of the world is getting to learn what we all already know, that PoE is the best game out there, and GGG is the best Dev team out there.
IGN = Dellusions_Duelist
Nice, gratz GGG!
Dear Chris, Please ban my account so i can focus on the important things in life like working out, find a girlfriend, work on my oldtimer Porsche, spend time with my family, be usefull at work etc etc.... on the other hand, dont ban me, just make me find that mirror :-)
That's true, I'm a walking talking advertisement for this game.
IGN: Narbays
Congratulations, you've earned it Chris, and the GGG team.
Kudos for a well made and solid game guys!
Don't fool yourself exile... the end is near!
After one year of play I still love to play/look on the new to keep up. You guy's are doing a Fantastic job. Congrats and here is to the Future :D
Congratulations to all GGG team, keep up the excellent work. And to us players. :)

narbays wrote:
That's true, I'm a walking talking advertisement for this game.

+1, i don't care if people around me gets tired, eventually they will try the game. Hehe.
Congratulation GGG!
Congratulations GGG! Much deserved praise.
Gotta Get A Grip

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