Hyper/PC PowerPlay Game of the Year Awards

hi! Congratz!

When will be SFL ready?
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Congratulations! It's well deserved. :)
Grats GGG!
Very cool. <3 this game so much. Can't wait to see what March has in store.
i <3 minesweeper
Awesome :)
ING @Wost ONS shop: thread/439416
They're catching up to what we already know, well deserved GGG
Congrats GGG team, this deserves the awards.
On a side note, are you guys based in Auckland, and what bar are you going to be celebrating at? I would like to buy you a round :)
Great to see more awards, congratulations to the team. Looking forward to the many awards to come ;)
so how much fellatio occurred backstage for this
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Keep up the good work guys!
Much love.
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