Hyper/PC PowerPlay Game of the Year Awards

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Well deserved awards btw :)
If you can't do a push-up with her on your back, she's too fat or you're too weak.
Congrats GGG. I'm glad you're getting recognitions from different magazines and websites. You guys deserved it.
IGN: MinusFour/Teeda
Congrats GGG! :)
Grats :)
BaseType "Fish"
Rarity = Exotic
Congrats GGG Team!
IGN: JuanTamod / Epic_Hero
GGG, May you continue to shine for you have surely earned it.
IGN: ItsThatGuy

The Rusty Shack! - Hardcore One Month Event Shop
Congratulations GGG, that's awesome :D
Pelerin of Wraeclast
well deserved. gz to everyone at GGG!

Great job GGG. Keep doing what you are doing. I just spent the weekend trying out Elder Scrolls online. It has nothing on Path of Exile. Keep up the great work.

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