Hyper/PC PowerPlay Game of the Year Awards

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Well deserved awards btw :)
Arguing with an idiot is like wrestling with a pig in the mud. You'll both get dirty, but the pig kind of likes it.
Congrats GGG. I'm glad you're getting recognitions from different magazines and websites. You guys deserved it.
IGN: MinusFour/Teeda
Congrats GGG! :)
Grats :)
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Congrats GGG Team!
IGN: JuanTamod / Epic_Hero
GGG, May you continue to shine for you have surely earned it.
IGN: ItsThatGuy

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Congratulations GGG, that's awesome :D
Pelerin of Wraeclast
well deserved. gz to everyone at GGG!

Great job GGG. Keep doing what you are doing. I just spent the weekend trying out Elder Scrolls online. It has nothing on Path of Exile. Keep up the great work.

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