Return of Valentine's Heart Weapon Effect

Hmm. The valentine's heart weapon effect looks sweet but it wouldn't look right on my character though. So I should save up for some other effect. But keep up the good work GGG!
out of all things that made sound in the game this one always seems to push my buttons when i hear it.

still like the look tho.

got to be good looking because im so hard too see.
Didn't purchase last year's heart, and wont purchase it this year. But I feel like GGG is cheating the people who already bought it last time around. Any way you try to justify it, if it looks EXACTLY the same, it's a scumbag move...and to my knowledge the first one from you GGG (even when considering razor footprints).

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Thump thump thump thump.

Let's looks at this with an open mind ladies and gentleman.

The heart is not part of any closed/open beta supporter pack. It's a SEASONAL effect.
Almost all games I've ever seen have limited time to buy seasonal effects, they usually are available to purchase during a limited few days.

What's the problem here? If you want special exclusive one time only ever to purchase effects, then request that from GGG (and pay for them.) This heart was not requested to be that by the players, it was implemented into the game by GGG.

Valentines day, Christmas, Halloween.

Expect to see those effects return for a limited time window to be purchasable every year.

People like being able to buy seasonal effects. New players like to buy seasonal effects.

Let's restate that these are NOT supporter pack effects, but special holiday effects.
It's surprisingly selfish for people to think that Valentines effect should be cut off from new players being able to acquire them.

Again, NOT supporter packs. Seasonal effects!!!
GGG has made it clear that supporter packs will never be released again. Those will always be exclusive. Don't worry.

I feel letting people buy the seasonal effects is great. Would you like to check my hearts out in game? ;p

By the way, how many people do you really think are buying the heart, that it's going to be on every character in every town's not!

If you purchased a heart last year, cool. Enjoy it. And let the newcomers to the game enjoy their hearts as well.

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I'd just like to post a follow up to my post above. In a separate message that won't be lost in tl;dr

GGG has stated officially in writing that closed/open/launch supporter pack items/effects will NEVER be reissued or allowed to be bought again.

GGG doesn't go back on their word.

So those of you upset thinking that whats' next? GGG going to release rhoas?
The answer is NO. They never will.

Remain calm folks.

stop over moderating that makes the official forums useless
Sparowes wrote:
You said you would keep Event transactions limited though. This is the same skin as last year, only difference is i got 2013 on mine that nobody can see.

You could have made it just a little different, like another color of the heart or whatever. The "rarity" feeling is all gone now and i wont buy event based effects again.

Exactly what I thought when I saw this announcement ...
And I thought they learned from the razer footprints mistake.

That's two strikes.
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narbays wrote:
And I thought they learned from the razer footprints mistake.

That's two strikes.

That's merely minority's biased view. There's a high number of community in PoE which loves the Razer footprint effect, evident from the Razer Facebook fanpage, Razer Comms group and here in the PoE forum. I'm also a living example of those that appreciates the Razer footprint complimentary MTX, and proud to tell the minority here THAT majority of PoE players like myself were requesting for this earlier and thankful for it. Frankly, I'd even pay for this MTX if it wasn't free during the launch. Minority of people are so biased, and don't appreciate the values of free things unless there's a price tag.

Also, for those who are really so into VERY LIMITED MTX and can't get over the Valentine MTX, you always have options at hand and can purchase these that go along with your expectation and ideals: CLICK HERE
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bchan wrote:
The heart is not part of any closed/open beta supporter pack. It's a SEASONAL effect.

Yep, actually it became seasonal, but GGG never claimed it so, first time (in 2013 before sales) they said "limited for one week only" (check my more detailed post with proof links). so that's why people disappointed.

That's first time on my memory then GGG makes really wrong move - it's sad that they lied about this, did nothing to make difference (at least they could easily change size and texture slighty!) and even throwed dust in the eyes saying (in first post of this thread):
Hearts purchased last year are marked as "2013" in the description so that people know that you supported the game in early Open Beta.

because actually noone can see that "2013" mark, only you can see that in your mtx-stash.

So i previously believed that GGG is fair guys, who hears community and can admit own mistake and fix it (for example: do forementioned slightly changes to mtx or just confirm that they 're busy and will fix this later), not just saying "sooorrry" in other post and do nothing, even not editing the first post (with that "others can see 2013 mark" lie).

I really like this game and really hope that GGG will open eyes and do something, otherwise it's really shame to lie to own friendly community.
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you guys are trully overreacting over this, you even got an official apology.

Wishing new leagues start soon. Someone's got too much time on their hands
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