Return of Valentine's Heart Weapon Effect

Valentine's Day is later this week, so we've reintroduced our limited-time Valentine's Heart Weapon Effect. It's a beating human heart, impaled on your sword, dagger or wand. It's for sale from now until February 16th. Hearts purchased last year are marked as "2013" in the description so that people know that you supported the game in early Open Beta. In related news, the 15% Point Pack discount ends tomorrow evening. You can also purchase them from Amazon (200 points, 516 points, 1065 points). Remember that these points stack with daily deals (for example, upcoming stash tab sales) to create two discounts at once. Thanks again for your support!

Our holiday items like Valentine's Heart have been given their own dark Wraeclastean twist. Unlike our normal microtransactions, they're only on sale during that respective holiday. There's no guarantee that the Heart will return next year.
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Anarchy/Onslaught T shirt
Domination/Nemesis T shirt
Tempest/War Bands T shirt
Dang, second
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omg 3rd :(
Every Class 100
Discord Fyndel#8812 if u cant catch me online in Poe
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King of Scrubcore Hah
Much wow
wish the heart was cute not creepy
first page hypeeee !
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I afk alot when i have alot of items to sell // if not mostly ill be offline (IF I HAVE NO ITEM FOR SELL sobs* :'< )
wow.. not what I was expecting for single awareness day!
Good, now I have the 2013 and 2014 versions ^.^
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