Currently leveling Spell Cascade + Desecrate > Spell Cascade + Volatile Dead.
The reduction in the corpse limit killed the efficiency of this combo.

Casting Desecrate followed by Volatile Dead only consumes 6 corpses due to how close the corpses spawn.

Two possible suggestions are:
-reducing corpses per cast to 4
-increasing base area of effect by ~33%
I am currently playing a detonate dead Necromancer.

I've noticed that Unleash does not work with Desecrate despite the recent changes, is this intentional? I see no reason for it to not work as it has the correct tags and it's basically the same as using spell-echo but with different trade-offs and spell-echo does work. Also, I fully understand the corpse limit of 10 but detonate dead + spell cascade + unleash detonates 12 total corpses and I thought that adding corpses to the maximum for desecrate might make a really good Lab enchant, it seems a very reasonable power tradeoff as other lab enchants are extremely strong.

Basically I have 2 suggestions:

1. Make Unleash work with Desecrate (for more focused corpse laying than spell cascade but without the extra slowdown of spell-echo)

2. Add lab enchants for + to maximum corpses for desecrate (e.g. +1 maximum corpse from merciless and +2 from uber or maybe +2 and +5 if you are feeling particularly generous as this gives 3 full desecrate casts worth of corpses).

I hope this gets read and these suggestions are considered worth exploring! Thanks for reading them regardless =)
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In Delirium I decided to try spellslinger with desecrate and another spellslinger linked with detonate dead

The delay between desecrate trigger and the appearance of corpses is absolutely awful. Even the bandaid fix (using barrage somewhat improves the situation) only makes it barely functionable

Please make this skill completely instant when triggered.
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