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Last bumped on Mar 25, 2020, 4:37:51 PM
Corpse level should be tied to area level not gem level. Unlike Animage Guardian/Weapon this makes no sense and Spectres and DD are utterly even with level 24 gems.

You kill build diversity.

Also either all corpses should spawn or only generic zombies.

If it's a giant corpse just make it 1 summon only or make them rarer.
Like above poster said, corpses should be tied to area level somehow, not gem level. Perhaps cap it to 68, as mobs of that level are readily available outside of maps.

Getting a lvl20 gem is VERY time consuming so, currently, one of the spell's primary functions (to provide easy access spectres for summoners) is crippled. Same goes for the start of every league; lvl18 desecrate, which is reasonably attainable for most people (unlike lvl19-20) only provides lvl64 corpses, so anyone that wants to get spectres off sceptre of god/lunaris/maps is out of luck (or gimps himself).
I'd have to agree with the above as well. It'd be great to see corpses tied to area level.
No, getting higher lvl corpses is one of the reasons to lvl this gem. It's fine like that. DD builds were fine before this gem was even added. And every gem is hard to get to lvl 20. There's no reason to whine about the way this particular skill works when the only other summoning skill that behaves differently is raise spectre.

GGG should maybe make it so raise spectre gem lvl also caps the monster lvl it summons to avoid giving players the wrong idea but that's a different topic that belongs in a different thread.
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Right now the only use of this gem is to provide corpses for flesh and bone offering.
When raising spectres one is better off NOT using this gem: Raise a lvl 67 undying evangelists in the sceptre without leveling the gem to lvl 20 (and your char to lvl 85 along the way). Has there ever been an attack skill that gave you a worse result than using an unsupported default attack? But here we have the odd case that you get worse spectres using a non lvl19/20 gem.
If that gem was introduced to address the inconvenience of resummoning spectres due to death/disconnect it failed on that part.
Will the area of effect chaos damage from this stack with the AoE of Poison Arrow? I've been trying to use them both but it is hard to tell since the mobs either die too fast or just move out of the AoE.
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This is an awesom addition to summoners. The skill should however give zone maxlevel corpses when levelled fully. Can you make it give percentage lvl of zone mob level?

Say start at 10% of zone level and end at 120% at lvl 20.

As of right now it's not an option to use with raise specter past zone level 68.
What happens to d.o.t. damage when I cast desecrate x3times on same spot. Will they stack causing x3 damage over time like viper strike?
Falcyon wrote:
What happens to d.o.t. damage when I cast desecrate x3times on same spot. Will they stack causing x3 damage over time like viper strike?

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