1.0.5 Patch Notes

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estu87 wrote:
aw cast on crit nerf, get mad people.

It's not a nerf if it was a .25 second cd then it would of been gutted and I would of uninstalled the game.

.10 is not even noticeable.

It's not .10 it's .01

.10 would be 100ms and they said 10ms
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Trade chat has been rate-limited to prevent message flooding. The speed that it is set to (3 seconds per message) is still faster than the amount that is classified as abusive. If this reduces the amount of repeated messages in trade chat then we may be able to make the trade channels larger, so that messages get more exposure.

This should have been made at least 30 sec. It doesnt take many traders using this 3 sec rule and spam hes message every 3 sec to still make the trade channel unreadable!
God if there was a better trade system...=)

On the plus side, it was a change in the right direction )
"Fixed a crash in the Courtyard map"

Have you guys also fixed the boss triggering?
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ARPG devs really have some sickening anti-melee agenda.
The problem with this 3 sec rule is that i cant write even to other channels during this 3 seconds. I never spam one channel its not effective anyway. Im usually just send it one time to 15 different channels so more people can see my message. But now i need to wait 3 seconds to change channel. So to send message to 15 channels i need 1.5 minute. So its actually 1.5 min delay with sending messages to one channel for me. Not 3 sec. Thats really stupid. Make this delay work for each channel only not for trading in total please.

Also this 1.5 min is lowest time i need to return to the first channel. It will takes much more cuz i dont have a timer that tell me that 3 second passed and i will need to wait more just because if i will try to send message before 3 sec i will need to wait another 3 sec. Sorry for my English guys but it so f*** stupid. Before this patch my message appeared in each channel mb once in a 20-30 sec (time i needed to return to the channel where i started) so it wasnt spam in any way. Now people will see my message like once in few minutes. And people who spammed one channel will still spam it every 3 sec. Best solution ever. Gratz.
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new exalted art looks pretty bad :S
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Well the majority do play pve but there is nothing for you in pve after lv 90, pvp is still popular for endgame and there are many people who play competitively. And it's really annoying when you spend 150 ex+ on gear and test builds to find one you like, fix it up with 2 ex of regrets, and have one RF scrub come in with <50 ex of gear on fuck you up.

Characters built for PvE are frequently less than optimal in PvP, regardless of the game.

RF happens to be a very effective PvP build.
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everyone starting to yell about the CoCS "nerf" needs to realize that this change not only nearly gaurantees a cast every single crit now, but it also fixes desync issues without changing the function of the skill. You will still cast pretty much all the time, just much less desync issues. 10ms is a negligible cd that pretty much does not affect any cast on crit build that I know of.

Well, my CoC Split arrow Chain EK ranger definitley got a giant DPS drop.

Also, I heard rumors about two of the same spells not working with CoC anymore, is that true?
Artanthos wrote:

RF happens to be a very effective PvP build.

Probably because RF isn't affected by damage penalty in PvP, it will do jack once fixed.
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