1.0.5 Patch Notes

D4wdl wrote:
Patch 1.0.4 Balance ''Modified the Torture Chamber boss room with several changes. The exit is disabled during the boss fight.

Patch 1.0.5 Bug Fixes ''Fixed an issue where you were unable to leave the Torture Chamber's boss room.''


Some people couldn't leave once the fight ended.
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Qarl wrote:
Trade chat has been rate-limited to prevent message flooding. The speed that it is set to (3 seconds per message) is still faster than the amount that is classified as abusive. If this reduces the amount of repeated messages in trade chat then we may be able to make the trade channels larger, so that messages get more exposure.
Highly disappointed that after all this time, you finally address this huge issue, and go with such a low number that it might not even do anything. It should be 10 seconds min, if not 20 to 30.

We're starting small and going up based on observing behaviour. Slapping a 30 second cooldown on trade chat out of the gate could really hamper trade. This is one thing that's hard to test in-house.
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Illypsus_BLoB wrote:
Another nerf on Puncture? I mean, first the bleed percentage is stealth nerfed. Then % increased physical damage doesn't affect the bleed (like similar damage % affects chaos and burning). And, % increased DOT damage doesn't change the tooltip for Puncture's bleed at all. Now the bleed procs armour both on the initial hit and the bleed. While this puts it in line with how fire and chaos degen has been working, those degens can be increased by % increased damage of their elements, unlike puncture.

I don't know where you're getting this information from. Increased physical damage and increased damage over time do affect the bleed from Puncture. Armour has no effect on physical damage over time. Puncture wasn't "stealth" nerfed - the patch notes for 1.0.2 stated that some damage over time skills had been rebalanced.
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