1.3 [Newbie Friendly] GROUNDSLAMMER BUILD

Lovin this buildso far. Only thing that kinda has me on edge is the "all melee does poor end game". Is this true? if so i might just run a witch :(
I'm enjoying the build. The downside is I'm level 23 and have not been able to find any 2h maces that have been good. And its getting worse and worse as time goes on :(
can someone link this build, to we can see the best way to active this perks?
For weapons, what I am doing is:
Stockpile orbs of alchemy and orbs of chance,
Find a normal weapon that is close to your level,
Transform and hope it gets a good damage boost.
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very very helpful sir, thanks!
Very good and informative guide mate, thank you. I think a lot of new players were looking for something like this, and you cover pretty much any questions that may be asked. I may give this a try :)
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Can you touch more Blood magic and using auras? How is it viable, what auras to use and why..
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This looks like a great place to start for any new Marauders!

I have been playing a something similar in the beta, and round slam and decoy totem are a great combo!

I was also using leap slam for mobility as well as damage, and sweep with a health steal support gem. Slam is great for leaping into mobs, or getting away from them quickly. I found sweep great for leeching life back, as you can hit lots of targets fast.

I only got to merciless difficulty, but resistances are an absolute must at higher levels. Having a great amount of melee damage is useless if you can get killed in a few hits.

I am looking forward to getting stuck into the OB tonight!
Thanks this is great!
Will try this build with my Marauder. Thanks

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