1.3 [Newbie Friendly] GROUNDSLAMMER BUILD

MgDark wrote:
Is multistrike still a bad choice to support GroundSlam?

Was it ever? ;)

Why don't you just try it and see if it works for you. I like Multistrike, yes it does reduce your damage per hit by one third but you do get two "free" extra hits. You can always swap it for another damage enhancing gem in different scenarios.

On a different note, I just upgraded my gear a little bit with some massive overall improvement. First I threw an Exalt at my Mallet, lo and behold, it boosted the pDPS from 457 to 523, lucky me. ;)

Then I bought some nice Titan Gauntlets for 7c, crafted 30% fire res and "sacrificed" another Exalt which added 101% increased armour, second time lucky. Good riddance, Slitherpinch. ;)

Finally I swapped my left ring, amulet, belt and boots for these:

At lvl 91 I now have 6053 HP (regenerating almost 300 life per second) and 8217 Armour (44% physical damage reduction), Ground Slam tooltip DPS is at 39k, Heavy Strike at 72k, each with 7 attacks per second (.14 sec attack time).

Happy slammin'. ;)
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Multistrike is great. Always have been ;)
The Sirus fight is a disgrace.
MrH wrote:
I'll probably use this guide for my alt, hopefully it's still viable for high maps?

It is. Maybe you have to change some stuff (from beginners guide to a more individual one), but it is. I can do every map, of course not always with every nasty mod that comes along.

My tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgEAAecEswUtB3UJlg3NEuEUIBRNFPYYkRo-GlUcziE0IVUkiycgJy8pLitQLPst0jboOQ46nTrYOzs9Dz38QT9HflBHUeZVqVcNWGNeE18_YEtgkWEhZKNlTWdYaPJqAXKpdO12rHdTeHp673xLfLh8u3zZggeE2YTvhjuHKYdqiiKMz5BVkc6WdJd5l7SexZ7Nn8uiAKcwqSeplK2Nr2y0L7vtvJ-9Nr6nwGbApsRYxLjE9sWKxtjPftIh1fjZYdw95FHkreoY7DjvDvAf8azyL_JB9kj3MvxL_lQ=

I know the mana-nodes are weird, but i wanted to drop blood-magic and get moah damage. It works (after a wise guy showed me how). Even with only 110 mana free i run three auras, can sustain gs with little mana-leech and have ~56k damage with some mf-gear on. With 7 endus up i have 512 life-reg per second. It is a blast and it is incredible fun.

The Sirus fight is a disgrace.
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MgDark wrote:
Is multistrike still a bad choice to support GroundSlam?

I was thinking about that too.
I think annoying thing with multistrike is that you can't interrupt the 3 attacks.
But if we look at raw dmg, Multistrike is definitely better than Faster attacks.
But yes, you can use both.
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Can somebody update this build to 2.0.0 please i just started using this guide when it was going to update and i really want to continue this guide after the awakening update
First time marauder and this build felt so good :(. Would someone update to 2.0 please??
I too wouldn't mind seeing an efficient skill tree for 2.0. I'm heading generally toward RT but I'm not very good at taking the "best" routes, or recognizing when I don't really need some nodes. Thanks, great guide and write-up!
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Please update this for 2.0!
Waiting for update for 2.0 too

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