1.3 [Newbie Friendly] GROUNDSLAMMER BUILD

Seepage wrote:
Lovin this buildso far. Only thing that kinda has me on edge is the "all melee does poor end game". Is this true? if so i might just run a witch :(

Far from the truth. A proper ground slam build will roll even the hardest maps.
Its ok to put the first 5 points into butchery to grab some 2h dmg? Or just wasted points?
Imho, you don't need damage that fast, and you NEED Resolute Technique that fast. And Force-Rushing to butchery has relatively low damage/node ratio of: 9.5%.

Currently i'm working on adding Cleave and Sweep skills (what I see most important right now)
Then i'll answer other posts

Why Blood Magic before Resolute Technique? The 77% hit rate is really getting on my nerves, so my first keystone is going to be that. As i am right now (level 14), mana is not really a problem at all.

Thank you for your feedback! This is something I never encountered, because I'm thinking about accuracy equipment early on and i'm playing with ~90+ hit chance. New players won't (of course) do you. I swamped order.

I find Sweep to be very useful in these early levels when I can easily overmatch the trash mobs; I let them surround me, swing two or three times, and they're all dead. The faster attack rate also helps prevent your attacks from being interrupted while you are doing the lead-in animation. Of course, I expect ground smash will be useful later on, so I am making sure to keep it in a socket at all times so when I do need it, it will be fully leveled.

This what ima writing right now.

Also, I am wondering If it will be worthwhile to respec out of the Blood Magic keystone down the line and switch to blood magic support gems. That way you can load up on the two str-only auras (one of which grants a tasty 1-1.5% life regeneration), reserve a bunch of mana you don't care about, and still be able to spam attacks that theoretically cost an insignificant amount of health. Thoughts?

This is EXACTLY what groundslammers are doing - but by high-level, when they healthy enough to regen out 15*1.5*1.4*2.5= ~80 mana cost of a single slam.

Feasible. I made my way close to Endurance Charges, to make player's able to pick them, when they FINALLY notice they are awesome.
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Do you mind to illustrate how we should modify your build to make a Maraduder with Lighting Strike? and what kind if lighting equipment we need for?
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There should be a thread like this for every class, at least as a starting point. Yesterday i tried for the first time the templar and mobs raped me.
This guide took me a day to create. And it will take next two weeks to optimize, to provide necessary informations.

I do not specialise in lightning strike, so i don't have broad knowledge.
Well, firstly they usually use axes, to you have to drop mace nodes for axe's one.
Secondly projetiles of lighting strike are projectiles, so you'll need some projecile-based nodes, especially Iron Grip
Then i think they take elemental weapon damage nodes - because of lightning type-damage

Now only mess with equipment - which needs flat lightning bonuses. I don't know if it benefits from other elements.

As a gems, you will need greater multiple projectiles (which is dex-based and is NOT mara quest reward), faster projectiles (dex-based), wrath (int based)

And so on, and so on.

But i'm repeating - i never played with lighting strike, so my knowledge (insignificant indeed) is theory-based.
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/73928 <-- [Newbie Friendly] Marauder Melee Build
IGN: NinjaArabStrategist
Thanks very much for this guide. My friends and I made some HC characters and I needed something playable for the marauder in a hurry, and this was perfect.
This guide took me a day to create. And it will take next two weeks to optimize, to provide necessary informations.

And this is why you have my thank. Good job.
Added part of our suggestions.

MrMeowMeow wrote:
Isn't that basically what Kripparian did month ago without that wall thing he used for extra safety? And does ground slamming through the wall still work and would go along well with this build

Sorry dude, but i have no idea, what exactly are you talking about.

VenomLord wrote:
Thanks for the guide. I am a newbie, and this build seems viable for my first foray into the game. at least until i have better knowledge on the game mechanics. Thank you very much

That's exactly what i wanted to achieve. To push new players in right direction.

I'm enjoying the build. The downside is I'm level 23 and have not been able to find any 2h maces that have been good. And its getting worse and worse as time goes on :(

That shit is thing that always annoys me. But it concerns all weapon-based build, not only mine. What may i propose is to keep an eye on trade-chat and buy a decent mace for some chroms. And DON'T listen to:
Gilard wrote:
For weapons, what I am doing is:
Stockpile orbs of alchemy and orbs of chance,
Find a normal weapon that is close to your level,
Transform and hope it gets a good damage boost.

Because for those orbs, you will use on hoping for correct mods, you will be able to buy awesome weapon.
Secondly - if you really want to play with orbing a weapon - you can do the same with alternations. This is WAY MUCH cheaper and bring nearly same results early on.

Berren wrote:
Can you touch more Blood magic and using auras? How is it viable, what auras to use and why..

Yes you can, even those with % mana reservation. Generally you need any aura in this build, but having some will always help. Added to TO-DO list.

Minsc wrote:
I was also using leap slam for mobility as well as damage, and sweep with a health steal support gem. Slam is great for leaping into mobs, or getting away from them quickly. I found sweep great for leeching life back, as you can hit lots of targets fast.
I completely forgot about Leap Slam! Thank you for your feedback!

Also thank to all those, you ensured me, that sweep-based information are needed!

BTW: gogo 10k views!
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/73928 <-- [Newbie Friendly] Marauder Melee Build
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this build is my modification from null HC build.
i made some customization since i'm playing in softcore, so i reduce some life nodes and replace it with offensive nodes. what nodes should i drop to make it viable.
what do you think?
thanks a lot

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