How the Open Beta launch will work

Path of Excitment :)
thank you for the heads up. Can't wait!!!!!!!! Thank you GGG

So excited for Act 3. :D
Holy crap, you guys aren't exaggerating when you say the traffic's been insane... look at all these posts in just a few minutes!
It's getting real now people. Can't wait for this. Thank you GGG!
Once more into the fray, Into the last good fight I'll ever know, Live and die on this day, Live and die on this day IGN: Mastodon_The_Primeval

Awesome to hear! Good luck with the patching and hope your servers don't catch fire :D
"%^#*##*%$#&^&(&(%$^*&" - Flameblast 1.0.4
God damn, Im excited
Looking for a clan/guild?

Discord Server:
Awesome :) I am just waiting for the open beta to start playing again!
SO excited, now I am waiting for the patch notes.
kiwi nation
Thank for the update!

The patch notes cannot come soon enough!
Woho! Im going to bed right now so time goes faster, lol. Seeyou in OB :)

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