How the Open Beta launch will work

Alrighty then....let's do this!
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I can't wait to see all the finally changes.

Guys... This is just a game! Seriously... Not like you won a lottery or something.
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Cant wait! Have fun in OB everyone!
Ingame: Rippie
Wow, it's feel real now. Only 24 hours to go...and patch notes soon-ish!

So much fun we will all have, yes...
The anticipation is driving me crazy!
Running isn't freedom. You should know that.
ighnaz - Thanks for the beta key!!!!
OMG 7 pages already! 0.0
Keep it up!
>> Allow Home and End keys to quickly travel through the Stash!!!
Can't your game...maybe I'll upgrade to silver kiwi...
Put the server offline earlier ! I bet there are going to be troubles.
i got my beta key from Icoblablubb - vielen danke !!!

the first (and only?) 6 linked blue sox on magic armor in beta :P

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