How the Open Beta launch will work

Can't wait to start fresh and play like crazy in the months ahead :)
The drum beat... the drums are coming closer... and closer.
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I haven't been this excited and nervous in a positive way for a long time! See you all in Open Beta!
Here's some music to prepare for launch!
A sword he brought, his foes to maim and rend,
from places dark behind forbidden doors,
But night by night he woke with frighten'd roars
from darkest dreams, too strange to comprehend.
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dang, I just read that and 3 more pages of replyes appeared. Can`t wait for it !!
GGG all the way baby
Great!!!! Now waiting for patch notes :)
Yep, it's getting closer :) Can't wait for act 3.
Thanks for the update
In Wraeclast, if someone tries to kill you... you just kill them right back.
I'm looking forward to see the patch notes! :)

Thank you GGG for all your hard work, it's much appreciated.
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Dechef wrote:
Holy crap, you guys aren't exaggerating when you say the traffic's been insane... look at all these posts in just a few minutes!

We are pushing 3 Terabytes an hour of patching traffic right now. Our CDN is frantically adding more capacity. I would expect that when we deploy the patch we will be pushing 50 TB an hour for at least a couple of hours.
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23 HOURS 50 MINUTES, YEEEIIII :D , I hope that the servers hold and we can play as normal, but if I have to wait one more day for PoE SO BE IT :D

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