How the Open Beta launch will work

Patch notes in 2 hours please !
So excited *_*
Yes! Finaly!!! GO GO GO GGG!!!
Aaron Ciccheli, a guy who made millions running Diablo and PoE RMT sites, owns a significant portion of GGG. How's that for a conflict of interest? 7.5% of your supporter pack money goes to this guy.
I am excited!
I am not in a position to be a gold member donator but i am thrilled to be a part of the cause =)
cant wait to smash some shiz and enjoy a TRUE ARPG!
Cant wait to play
Sits back and waits for all the people to start bitching about server instability or queues.
IGN: Amel, Ameladol, Spock, ILoveUniqueThings, AmelPVP


have mine
Can't wait! Good thing I'll be gone for a good chunk of tomorrow so a good few hours of the wait will be taken up by other stuff.
IGN: Tennet_LeMat

Awesome, cannot wait. I hope the servers have some stability upon launch!
Jay Wilson is fat.
thank you
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