1.0.3 Patch Notes

Shock and Horror, the boss of the Torture Chamber, has had her Arc skill replaced with a new skill.

what's wrong with the torture chamber boss all of a sudden? I can't even get close to the boss.
also can't remove friends. this account is not on your friend list.
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Any ETA on the 1.0.3a patch fixing the bugs?

Not a whine just asking if there is an ETA currently, i'm not playing on my hc/nem chars until then :).
consider this,
Maybe the concept of god was not created to judge but to take away the inclination to judge of those who wish to execute that protocol.


Ctrl being pressed no longer disallows the use of a numerical bind.

This is awesome.

Did this just happen this patch?
Casually casual.

No respec? Shit!
What does the fox say?
Qarl wrote:
Version 1.0.3
Major Features/Content:
  • Righteous Fire Totems will damage enemies based on their own life and ES, not their caster's life and ES.

If you would finally tell us, how many life what totems (spell/range totems, etc.) have, that would be great!
RF totems were kind of fun on mara... but now it is based on totems life, but how much do they have?
i'am all fine with "Spiders have been made invulnerable when climbing into areas from scenery.", but they still have collision detection so you get stuck on smal ledges or get cornered until they are on the surface.
not sure if that was intended
Blood magic on maps are back? i saw a map with and i though they were gone...
What's wrong here ? :

After this patch I have to activate Tempest Shield as fast as I switch instance, I have to reactivate Tempest Shield if I take a tp, wp or as I said switch/make new instance....
riiiiiiight, 1st 15 min of my gameplay after patch goes as following - i go to spider forest lvl 69 map with my sporker friend. easy peasy only 2 mods on the map, we get to the blacksmith boss and in phase 2 my hp ticks down like corruptive blood on a lvl 72+ map with vulnerability/monster dmg. not knowing wtf is going on i empty all my flasks and i die one millisecond before i manage to close the godamn game. rip lvl 87 duelist. rip soul taker + BoR. rip 30k dps :(

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