1.0.3 Patch Notes

With Barrage, being a prize for Brutus kill on the quest, what if we have already done the quest, how we get it, we have to buy it, or get it on drop ?
Musica wrote:
Why bother making new skills if they're going to be far worse than existing skills? Barrage and Storm Call were dead out of the gate.

Reave was a flop! Now these two skills, even worse in my opinion. GGG, chill with the sausage factory, setting out stuff that is not up the POE standard as per beta version.

Seems like a lot of bugs this time round?

The animations and art improvements is great, thanks.
Is blood rage supposed to be affected by vulnerability, because I take huge amounts of damage over time when im cursed with vulnerability when I have blood rage on? I thought that patch 1.0.2 said that it is not supposed to be affected by such things. I'm just having this problem now, I havent experienced (or just noticed it) with 1.0.2.

Otherwise it seems like a very good patch, I havent desynced nearly as much as before.
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Blacksmith is now summons zombies that creates poison clouds on deaths, after each pack is dead he summons new ones. My zombies blowed up instantly. I was trying to run back, to leave Blacksmith's zombies and to make Blacksmith himself follow me, and what happened? He used Leap Slam on me and in the same second his zombies appeared again., new pack of them. If I run back and summon my zombies he uses Leap again,summons his zombies, my zombie kills his zombie, and hole pack of my zombies blows up again in the chaos cloud.

If you made him so, any chance you are going to make player's zombies and skeletons chaos resisted?

Summoners now have 1% chance to kill this boss, if you are going to spend half an hour running here and there, summoning and resummoning and kill him not with zombies attacks but with the skill that let your zombies blow up on low health dealing damage nearby monsters.
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question about new skill barrage... is crit chance set per skill use or per hit?
[quote="Mark_GGG"]damage modifiers don't can currently can't apply to degen.[/quote]
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leighferon wrote:
question about new skill barrage... is crit chance set per skill use or per hit?

read previous comments, this question has been answered multiple times
Powerturnip wrote:
Wow that dupe fix, I wonder how much currency was made using that.

Thats why even good to high end items suddenly where costing 100s of exalts i wonder what other dupes are out there then and i got flamed for saying that all the orbs couldnt be legit what now fan boys??
"Blue warrior shot the food"
Schinski wrote:
Chris wrote:
We'll get the mousewheel zoom thing fixed in the "b" patch. Do the Page Up/Down keys still work?

Chris, why do oyu implement a phys projectile support?

Arent ST/Voltaxic/Lioneyes Builds not already doing well enough..?

Not every-one has those items and to give you a hint about bow builds ATM my duelist cleaver does MORE damage with my rangers bow than my ranger does even though she has every available bow passives and he has none. so yeah its needs a buff.
"Blue warrior shot the food"
Kenza wrote:
Reave was a flop!

Well, actually reave is pretty great - it's just that players are quite terrible, not particularly bright, and apparently unable to think for themselves, which makes figuring out the obvious strenghts of one of the best melee skills in the game abusingly hard. So they just repeat over and over again what they heard from someone else - in this case, that reave is bad.

Anyway - waiting until the hex master bug is fixed to resume playing.
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Zooming in and out doesn't work for me anymore.
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